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Cascading Dreams: The Terraced Mediterranean Haven in Mojácar

After an arduous and protracted four-year journey, our dream of creating a stunning Mediterranean haven in Mojácar has finally come to life. Our talented architect-cum-photographer, Javier Callejas, has masterfully captured the essence of the place in a breathtaking photographic report, celebrating the completion of our magnificent house.

Inspired by Roberto Puig's vision, our goal was to recreate the charm of a terraced Mediterranean village, with a mesmerizing cascade of elegant white volumes that gracefully overlook the azure sea. Positioned on a steep site, our house is nestled between two terraced buildings, paying homage to traditional architecture while meticulously adhering to existing regulations.

The design spans four levels, harmoniously connected between two streets—the upper and lower ones. Rather than obstructing the view of our neighbor behind, we chose to construct only one floor on the upper street, displaying considerate planning and respect for the surroundings. On the street below, a thoughtful unification of the two levels was executed with a clear sense of overwhelming logic.

Our "cascade of volumes" features two terrace platforms, each offering a tranquil retreat where the corresponding rooms open up. The parapet walls surrounding these terraces are set at table height, inviting relaxation while providing unobstructed views. These peaceful spaces are adorned with robust white limestone finishes, both on the generous horizontal surfaces and the floors, creating an air of timeless elegance.

From the vantage point of the sea, our brand-new house harmoniously blends into the picturesque village, becoming an integral part of its unique charm and character.

Stepping inside, a striking double-height vertical space captures the spotlight as the dominant element of the interior. This well-proportioned area boasts thoughtfully placed openings, artfully channeling the mesmerizing sunlight into a wondrous symphony of light and shadow. Simplicity and grace resonate throughout, allowing the breathtaking views of the surroundings to take center stage.

The process of bringing this vision to life has been a testament to the virtues of patience. The journey was filled with challenges and setbacks, but we persevered, and the result is a testament to the passion and dedication of our entire team.

As we stand in awe of our creation, we cannot help but marvel at the realization of our dream—a picturesque Mediterranean retreat that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Mojácar and stands as a testament to the power of architectural brilliance and the enduring beauty of the Mediterranean village concept.

Architects : Alberto Campo Baeza y Modesto Sánchez Morales

Location :MOJÁCAR (Almería)


Engineering: Francisco Armesto

Construction Company: Grupo Albaida (Manuela García, jefa de obra)


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