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Ar. Preeta Shrivastav

What is the greatest challenge when it comes to design for environmental sustainability?

Due to the lack of awareness, the greatest challenge to design for environmental sustainability is to justify the cost and efforts required to achieve it. Another challenge lies in taking the client onboard the endeavor.

Ar. Preeta Shrivastav

Your message to upcoming Architects?

My advice to the upcoming architects is to keep yourself aware of the surrounding always. Respect the past, learn from it and use it for today and the future. Every moment is a learning opportunity in Architecture.

What is your greatest achievement?

Practicing Architecture with Integrity, being just and loyal to all my project requirements so far has been my greatest achievement.

The project you will never forget?

The recently completed 2,00,000 sq.ft. teaching department for Medi-Caps University at Indore. Not only for the form of the building and the challenges arising due to the topography of the site, but this project is also memorable for delivering it on time in spite of the pandemic and the lockdown protocols.


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