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Chromatic House: Where Whimsy Meets Sustainability in Urban Living

Brief Project Description:

Chromatic House was conceived to break away from the conventional, box-like urban architecture and provide a vibrant and interconnected living space for a young family of five. This youthful family desired an active and playful city home where their children could grow and play together, fostering a close bond with their parents. The design of Chromatic House introduces a unique configuration, departing from the rectangular layout commonly seen in urban plots.

The house is strategically positioned on the plot to create a dynamic interplay between the living space and a generously sized lawn, which is diagonally carved out of the property. Unlike the typical urban structure, Chromatic House incorporates design elements inspired by rural architecture, such as a pitched roof and an extensive verandah. The first-floor bedrooms open up to a spacious A-frame volume, housing a mezzanine lounge, and an open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area. This volume seamlessly connects to the lawn and a vegetable garden through a long verandah, shaded by a pergola. Even the attic study has a whimsical touch, with a slide tucked under the stairs providing a playful connection to the lower levels.

The design of Chromatic House strikes a delicate balance between whimsy and simplicity. It incorporates a vibrant material palette, imaginative use of light, and restrained fenestration. The choice of materials, including tinted concrete and terracotta, adds a youthful touch to the traditional palette. The exterior features red-tinted concrete in expressed formwork, while the interior showcases smooth grey concrete. Diagonal patterns of yellow brick contrast with slim birch joinery, contributing to the light-filled and warm interior ambiance.

Environmental sustainability was a top priority for the environmentally conscious parents. The house's design actively addresses climate change resilience and minimizes its environmental footprint. The linear, tapered form of the house, coupled with glare-protected windows and an open atrium with fabric shading, maximizes natural daylighting while reducing unwanted views and solar heat gain. The house utilizes an under-floor radiant heating and cooling HVAC system, a low-energy solution that is the first of its kind for residences in the region. Photovoltaic panels on the sloping roof generate energy, contributing excess energy back to the grid. Nearly half of the site comprises a lawn designed to manage runoff during heavy rain incidents, which are becoming more frequent in the region.

Chromatic House's emphasis on private greens, insulation from external factors, and vibrant design elements have proven beneficial during the pandemic, helping alleviate boredom and isolation. All building materials used in the construction are sourced from within a 300-mile radius of the site, with a preference for locally available North Indian marbles over imported stones.

Project: Chromatic House

Location: Gurugram, Haryana, India

Architect: Anagram Architects

Design Team: Vaibhav Dimri, Madhav Raman, Shruti Dimri, Jainy Gandhi, Piyush

Parimal, Kalaiarasan C

Site Area: 9203 sqft

Project Area: 6800 sqft

Civil Contractors: Adhunik Infrastructures

Structural Engineers: Chordia Techno Consultants

Other Consultants: ELECTRICAL Squaretech Engineers

Electrical Contractors: Electropower

Plumbing Consultant- DSR Engineers

PLUMBING Contractor– Suved Encon Private Limited

Site Supervision: Anagram Architects

Model-Maker: Inhouse

Initiation of Project: March 2018

Completion of Project: December 2021

Photo Credit: André Jeanpierre Fanthome


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