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Sakun: A Tranquil Haven - Architectural Harmony in Khetia, By Manish Kumat

Sakun" - Peace, is the guiding principle behind the meticulous planning of this magnificent three-story residence nestled in the charming city of Khetia, located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India. The process of designing this house is akin to embarking on a journey to discover innovative ways of harmonious living.

Spanning an impressive 17,000 square feet, this nine-bedroom abode has been thoughtfully organized with a distinct reference to two pivotal axes, aligned along the North-South orientation. This design approach results in the creation of three distinct vertical zones within the house. The two flanking zones are dedicated to private spaces, offering solace and tranquility to the occupants. Meanwhile, the central zone serves as the hub of communal activities, housing spaces such as the living area, dining room, gym, and inviting sit-outs, all the while maintaining a seamless visual connection both within the residence and with the world beyond.

Upon entering the residence, one is greeted by a generous double-height veranda that gracefully leads into a foyer. Here, the visitor encounters a Pooja Room, a place for spiritual reflection, and a striking double-height drawing room. The drawing room is akin to an oasis, ensconced within a partially covered water feature that lends a serene ambiance to the space. In contrast, the living room resembles a sun-drenched sanctuary, offering panoramic views of the picturesque landscape outside.

As one traverses through the various spaces within the house, they are continually embraced by a sense of connection with the natural surroundings. The architectural design thoughtfully frames vistas that capture the ever-changing hues of the lush tree foliage that envelops the property. Contrary to the bold and striking façade, the interiors of the rooms are elegantly simple, emphasizing a light color palette that is further accentuated by carefully chosen rugs beneath the furniture, fostering an ambiance that is airy and inviting.

The substantial mass of the structure is thoughtfully constructed using exposed brick and intricate patterned concrete. This serves the dual purpose of providing shade and allowing refreshing breezes to flow through the spaces. The staggered arrangement of the massing, coupled with varying heights, opens up the northeastern façade to welcome ample natural light into the interiors.

The material palette employed in this design is a testament to simplicity, striking a perfect balance between the tactile appeal of concrete finishes and the timeless charm of brick cladding. Vibrant bursts of color, artful furnishings, and meticulously designed landscaping elements are thoughtfully integrated to infuse a sense of vitality and zest into the living environment for the fortunate residents.

To foster a sense of openness and connectivity, the house is conceived as an expansive structure that seamlessly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. This architectural marvel is an intricate composition of overlapping horizontal tapered slabs, double-height walls, and thoughtfully positioned openings that invite the outside world in, creating a space where the boundaries between the interior and exterior gracefully dissolve, allowing residents to truly savor the essence of peace and tranquility that Sakun" embodies.

Manish Kumat Founder and Chief Designer


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