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Enchanting White Colonial Villa: A Timeless Suburban Retreat with Grandeur, Elegance, and Nostalgic

This modern luxury villa, located in the suburbs of Bhopal, has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of a family of four. The homeowners expressed their desire for a semi-classic style infused with grandeur, and to fulfill their vision, we conceptualized the villa in a White Colonial House theme. The exterior facade showcases prominent elements that have stood the test of time, such as a double-height entryway adorned with tall pillars, gable windows in the pitched roof, a heavy balustrade railing, and white walls adorned with moderate cornices and French moldings.

As one steps inside the villa, a sense of awe is immediately evoked by the presence of a spiral staircase that offers a captivating view of the pool in the central atrium. The dramatic circular ceiling above the circular dining table, crafted from exquisite Italian marble, is adorned with a magnificent crystal chandelier. These elements contribute to the overall grandeur and introduce a formal, classic ambiance to the space.

In order to invoke a sense of ancestral elegance, exposed wooden beams and planks have been incorporated prominently in the ceilings of the verandas, bar, kitchen, and lift lobby. This design choice adds warmth and a touch of nostalgia to the villa's interiors. To further enhance the classic theme, the bar area is adorned with wallpaper featuring the popular 17th-century design known as 'toile de Jouy,' or simply 'toile.' The wallpaper depicts pastoral scenes, trees, and lush greenery, lending a touch of French flair to the space.

When it came to designing the interiors, we adhered to a muted color palette. Hues of brown, cream, beige, and white are predominantly used in furniture, tapestry, and window drapery. Subtle touches of muted green are introduced in the slider doors and bench to harmonize with the earthy yellow tones of intricately hand-embroidered accent wall panels in the drawing room. We also made sure to incorporate the age-old traditional art of zardozi work by local artisans from Bhopal, further enriching the interior spaces.

To infuse the interiors with a sense of yesteryears' charisma and vibrance, stained-glass slider and partition panels have been incorporated, featuring an enchanting peacock motif. These panels add a unique visual element to the central atrium and create an interesting interplay of light and color.

To maintain a balanced and understated aesthetic, the choice of furniture throughout the house leans towards simple modern designs that exude calmness. However, to evoke colonial charm, some carefully crafted traditional consoles with ornate mirrors have been strategically placed as focal points. Additionally, a high-back wooden bench woven with colonial-inspired rattan is positioned in the drawing room, accentuating craftsmanship and embracing simplicity.

This modern luxury villa in the suburbs of Bhopal beautifully captures the essence of a semi-classic style infused with grandeur. From the striking exterior facade adorned with classic elements to the carefully curated interiors that exude warmth and elegance, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to create a space that evokes a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication.

Fact file

Name Of the Project: Neelbad Bungalow-II,

Client: Mr. Vinay Gupta

Firm: Vasundhara Design Yard ( )

Principal Architect: Ar. Divya Singhal

Completion year - 2023

Project category: G+2 residential villa with an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi (total built-up area = 6000 sq ft) sprawling over 11000 sq ft plot


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