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Express Hotel - 11

Embarking on the project, we were astonished at the uniqueness of the client's vision which was not made up of clichéd models of already existing restaurants. The site for the project is located on two acres of land nestled between the National Highway in Itrasi which is used as a Wedding destination.

Lead Architect: Ar. Kamalroop Singh Maan

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Project Name: Express Hotel - 11

Office Name: KR Architecture Studio


Firm Location: Itarasi, India

The express hotel with its simple look and facades, tiled alpine roof and deep eaves expresses the familiar image of a mountain hotel. The monolithic building with its strong presence in the property, surrounded by age-old trees demands a sensitive design approach. The new created volume is connected through new openings in the existing façade merging the interior spaces between old and new. A three-story atrium with glazed roof provides day light to the central part of the ground floor and a panoramic roof top bar is going to the top terrace. The façades of the two buildings have the same structure which has both the lawns in between called as the Nirvana Garden and Vedanta Garden with a white color therefore the disposition between two is displayed by the volume composition. On its north side the new building has two levels. The second one accommodates the guest rooms and partly cantilevered it extends towards the green surrounding

Out of "respect" for the architectural basis of the intervention, the design solution aimed to enhance the existing building in that it is representative of the housing and construction. Simultaneously, the new design tried to make its mark using elements notable for their contemporary language, that are carefully inserted so as to coexist harmoniously. With the introduction of these new elements, which in no way compromise the viewing of the original spaces and also provide a certain spatial quality, the functions of the new brief are achieved for this living and hotel building.

A narrow reception provided the connection to the backyard which has Italian marbles. The proposal removed the lean-too and replaced it with north-facing spaces and created a connection from the front of the building through to the green spaces of the rear garden.

On the center side is located the “Emperor” - a large bright room, wide open with sliding façade glazing which provides views towards the adjacent garden. This multifunctional area is foreseen for different scenarios such as restaurant, event place, conference room etc. On the second floor over the atrium is located a small and big rooms with facilities and a large terrace on two levels above it. On top of the building is located a small “roof top” open air bar with amazing view to national highway. In the ground floor are situated the car park with a drop of point. The interior of the building is leaning on historical materials. From the garden the extension is designed as a pair of interlocking volumes, emperor Hall that overlaps a smaller mass of lawns.

Restaurant style banquette seating extends from the lawn bench, wrapping around the end of the addition and above, an over scaled window frames views to the neighbor’s tree. A flexible room / guest bedroom was included adjacent to the space with a floor to ceiling surface mounted sliding door offering privacy when required.


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