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Harmonizing Nature and Contemporary Architecture with Arilya ( Residence Design ) Elegance

The residence, situated in a low-density zone of Bhopal, embraces a unique architectural approach that harmonizes with nature. The client sought a design that explored diverse possibilities, with nature serving as the primary inspiration for the layout and orientation of activities within the house. This simple yet elegant structure features two imposing roofs at different angles, defining its overall form. Constructed primarily with wood, glass, and concrete, the residence offers a seamless blend of materials.

Entrance and Landscape:

The main gate is divided into two sections, one for vehicles and another for pedestrians. The pedestrian entryway consists of multiple levels, providing glimpses of the beautifully landscaped garden throughout the walk. This thoughtful design enhances the overall experience for those entering the house.

Basement and Patio:

Contrary to the notion that basements lack interest, this residence showcases a captivating basement and patio area. The basement is well-ventilated, flooded with natural light, and opens up to a sunken courtyard. The inclusion of a landscape and water wall in the sunken courtyard acts as a shield from the intense western sunlight. Additionally, the entrance features a Jacuzzi pool, adding a touch of tropical charm to the house. Louvered pivoting windows serve as a privacy wall for this semi-enclosed area, which seamlessly extends the villa's living space.

Passive Climate Control and Orientation:

The design prioritizes the freshness of style and comfort of living. Various passive and active climate control measures have been implemented, taking advantage of the orientation and edge treatment. Landscape areas, deeply recessed glass facades, and balconies contribute to the overall climate control strategy while connecting the interior spaces with the surrounding nature.

Interior Spaces:

The formal living room, family area, and dining area are thoughtfully designed to integrate with the surrounding landscape, connecting indoors and outdoors through a deck. Expansive slide and fold openings towards the east expand the socializing spaces, seamlessly merging covered and open areas with the natural environment. The ceiling throughout the villa remains exposed, allowing for stencil casting and strategic placement of lights, a decision made during the later stages of planning. The residence is fully equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable living experience.

Minimalist Social Spaces:

The social spaces on the lower floor boast a minimalist design approach, characterized by art, color, and distinct character. To complement the concrete grey roof, a combination of white marble and Italian grey marble is used for the flooring. Black and white marble strips, following geometric patterns, are inlaid within the exposed concrete slab, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Master Bedrooms and Wellness Area:

The upper level of the residence houses the main bedrooms, each with its own deck and terrace. These spaces are designed to provide ample light, cross ventilation, and an open roof area, creating a wellness-focused atmosphere.

Principal Architect :Ar. Akshay Selukar

Project Size – 11000 sq. ft

Location – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Project cost in Rupees – 2.5 Cr.

Insta :

Photography : Mr. Sameer


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