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Mr. Manish Kumat Indore, India

Design Team: MKDC

Frank Gehry once said, ‘architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. In keeping with that philosophy, when architect Manish Kumat of Manish Kumat Design Cell found himself in front of over a century-old Indore Residency Club (IRC) to design a modern-day extension to the prestigious structure, he knew where to begin.

Established in 1896, IRC's history dates back to pre-World War II days and has been known for its world of glitz, glamour, and hubbub. It was first created for the British, and then high-profile Indians. The space was designed to be a haven for leisure and recreation—be it for the British officers and civil servants who first inhabited it, or the present-day well-heeled members. Hence, the new addition to this legacy had to imbibe from the elegance of the old structure, but also keep in mind “functionality to meet modern needs”. “The design of the club epitomizes a seamless blend of the old and new, retaining the old-world charm in the new extension,” says Kumat.


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