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Principal Designer: Mehul and Mitul shah

Project Category: Apartment

Project Status: Completed

The narrative of the JP Apartment is constructed using clean lines and a minimal aesthetic. The clients, a young couple, didn’t have the requirements of formal entertainment and heavy storage that are typical of larger families. The overall direction, therefore, plays with monochromes and simple forms. An experimental attempt at space modulation is installing a human figure by Ashish Chakraborty to separate the entrance foyer and the living room rather than a screen. Its blue patina also adds a pop of color to the otherwise neutral story.

located on the 7th floor, JP Apartment overlooks a lush piece of land from the living room and the dining area. Given large windows on that side, the home is quite blessed with natural light. We intensified this feeling of openness and connectedness by enlarging the doorway between the living room and dining area and installing an MS and copper jaali for that little screening effect.

The window-facing dining area at JP Apartment is delightfully casual, bringing to mind cozy, sun-warmed, or wind-caressed meals. Like the rest of the house, a sense of luxury pervades this area like a soft presence — seen in the subtle texture of the copper-Patti embellished cement-sheet wall and the copper legs of the round table. The kitchen next door is pragmatic and stylish, with high-gloss laminate shutters that make maintenance easy and handmade dado tiles that add a gentle rusticity to the space.

No grand flourishes, no needless fuss… this bedroom at JP Apartment dwells on more important things such as wellness, positivity, sunlight, and oxygen-generating greenery. The teakwood expanses behind the bed seem to envelop the space in warmth.

Crisp and uncluttered, this bedroom at JP Apartment could have slipped into austerity…but for those refreshing and dense greens at the window!


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