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Karan Dodhiyawala Resident, Surat

Principal Architect :Micky Solanki

Project Name: Karan Dodhiyawala Residence, Surat (KDRS)

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Area: 3600 SQ.FT.

Photographs (Photographer’s Name): Prachi Khasgiwala

Residential project located in Althan Surat , Gujarat.

In Keeping with the client’s desire for reconfiguring the existing residence to a Vastu complaint house, the spaces in the house are in synch with the Vastu Shastra principles. Interiors of the house reflect their life journey from the past to the present and a pathway leading towards the future.

The reinterpretation of its functional layout as per Vastu Shastra, results in a symphonic transition with a beautiful setting. Interior spaces are minimal and each room is textured representing different eras of the time. The choice of material used is an interesting mix of modern and traditional materials - Steel& Glass with Wood & polished Italian Stone.

Each of the three levels of the residence offers different understanding. The ground floor comprises public spaces like the foyer, home theatre, utility spaces and Parking.The first floor houses semi-private spaces like the large family living room, Kitchen and Dining. The second and third floors comprises of private spaces - Master bedroom and Children’s bedroom.

The façade is draped with curtain creepers leading towards the main entrance. The Swastika wooden ceiling alongside the beautiful Travertine stone gives a sense of Positive and welcoming space. The balance is perfectly generated by the wooden louvers included in the composition.

The first floor level is the primary living zone including balcony which engages with the street. Placement of the furniture in the living area with a low heighted wooden ceiling creates a comfortable private niche. The incorporation of natural stone cladding along with the glass reflects a free flowing nature of the space. A sleek staircase design made of steel and wood is complemented with a glass elevator at the centre. Bespoke pieces include the counter table,which creates a visual barrier between the functional kitchen and the laid-back living area.

The second floor leads to the the master bedroom and the grandparents bedroom. The master bedroom is of warm and cool tones juxtaposed with vertical wood and glass.The room has a back wall featuring hand drafted pattern on back painted glass.

The room which holds the highest of authority has an eye catching handcrafted wooden T.V unit. The whole of the room has a linear wooden pattern, from the ceiling to the wardrobe. A belief of the wardrobe reflection on the mirror reflects the journey of the room beholder is tailored naturally and the scale of the room compliments the textures and the colors incorporated.

The third floor opens up to a bright color schemed bedroom, a combination of bright yellow, soft blue and grey, to deliver a joyful and a livelyambience for the Son’s bedroom. A low heighted wooden bed floor gives complete justification to the highlighting backdrop. A simple wooden study area with the ceiling allows the room to flow with an ample space of brightness.

The daughter’s bedroom is a clever compact room comprising a sofa cum bed setting with warm colors reflected in the room. A guided pattern is identified on the wooden finish wardrobes and the ceilings, the pattern is broken by an enhanced study area, a simple yet a quality bedroom reflecting the daughter’s style.

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