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Designer: Mr. Gopal Patel,

Studio: Design Salt Studio, Anand.

Photographer credit: Tejas Shah Photography

“Less is a bore”, said Robert Venturi but this Visa Consultancy Office in Anand with a classic amalgamation of functionality and minimalistic design proves otherwise.

To design their office, the client – big on contemporary solutions – reached out to Design Salt Studio and wanted a mixed-use space that provided a professional environment meanwhile also promising an appeal to the youth. A space that reflects the firm’s vision and values in the most modern way possible. The requirements called for two private cabins, work desks for 6-8 employees with provisions for expected client meetings, a library, a counseling place, a computer lab, and two tutorial classrooms for the students, all to fit into an 1850 sq. ft canvas.

“Other than the list of space requirements, the client gave us complete creative freedom and in response we conceptualised a Scandinavian styled collaborative and vibrant workplace with individual private spaces which are comparatively more sophisticated,a space that guarantees functionality without compromising its minimalistic charm”

The office is laid out in a linear organization with workspace and cabins occupying either sides, forming a wide corridor in between that provides an additional surface for the users to interact. The private cabin enclosures unfold into the corridor through a transparent layer of glass, letting in all the natural light received from the west apertures, all the way to the corridor, making the overall experience more lucid for the occupants.

The spatial planning of this office is derived from the level of privacy required as per the function of the space. The private cabins have full-height partitions, adhering to their requirement of acoustical and visual privacy, while the workspace has semi-open partitions which act only as visual barriers.

“We opted for a neutral color palette – simple whites for the ceiling, warm browns of wood, and variations of grey for walls and furniture finishes - to compliment the simplistic linear geometry and to twitch the monotony we introduced pops of primary colors via furniture, graphics and the extensive use of indoor plants as décor - to delve into its Scandinavian style - which naturally becomes a highlighting feature of the space, ultimately making the space elevated and lively”

The material palette is restrained and is used strategically and rather unconventionally - the same materials are reused in varied ways, diving deep into the versatility of each material, like the reclaimed wood waste used in the custom furniture elements create a visual language and gives the space a decent depth and the fluted glass used in the cabin partitions provide transparency while maintaining privacy.

Graphics play a significant role in building up an identity of a space and the nature of work carried out in this office called for bold yet tactical graphics which were inspired by visuals revolving around ‘traveling’. Like the floor infographic that runs throughout the linear space, from the reception to the classrooms at the rear end, is derived from an airport runway and not only does it provide directions but also makes the experience of the users much more interesting. And an illustrative skyline of major world cities that runs alongside the workspace, brings a certain character into the design. The office also features an interactive airplane seat map-inspired achievers board.

‘God is in the details being the core belief of the studio, each detail – from the framing of glass to the monolithic door handles – are curated thoughtfully which are significant yet subtle. And the slender budget propelled the designer to manipulate the materials with meticulous attention to detail which resulted in a tailored functional space, where less is definitely not a bore.


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