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Ar. Preeta Shrivastav, Indore, India

Design Team: Rubicon Architects

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind” – Martin Fisher

A school should be a place which inspires a creative mind of students and teachers alike. The design development program of school should be based on the understanding of how the different age group people use and experience these spaces. There are different types of response, need and curiosities of the children which needs to be addressed while designing a school.

Medicaps, one of the leading colleges of the city of Indore are ready to spread their reach in the elementary education as well. Alike the landscape of the Medicaps campus, situated on the beautiful hillock with a pleasant environment on the Agra-Bombay road, is yet another fine location for the School.

The 20 acre site having a contour topography, consisting of hard muram and rock, with a steep slope of 8 meters running throughout the site dividing the whole land into two levels. This stark difference posed an interesting challenge to the design process. The design team came up with the idea of placing the footprint if the built-form on the slope allowing the built-form to address both the levels of the site alike. This arrangement following the contour allowed the linking of indoor to outdoor at most of the floor levels.

Keeping in mind the requirement of the pre-primary block, the landscaped lawn acts as a median between their block and the rest of the built blocks. There are two approaches to the site to set apart hostel entry from the school entry. Students do not have to wander while entering the classes and thus catering to better disciple around. The courtyard concept was used in the development of each building block. The slope was transformed alongside the building to an 800 seater Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre was also connected to the building from four levels, allowing an easy and interesting approach to the open theatre for students. The strategic placement of co-curricular activities ensures easy access by all.

All the indoor sports and co-curricular activities were placed in a separate built block also housing the mess and a huge multipurpose hall with a stage and a proscenium.

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Unknown member
Sep 17, 2021

Good design

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