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Molecule, Bhopal India

Molecule being a unique concept of an Air Bar and Kitchen which is also one of the best footstep in Central India.

Principal Designer – Ar. Akshay Selukar

Design Firm- Ar. Akshay Selukar

Competition- 2021

Location – Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh

Photographer : Sameer

Located in the most uniquely designed building in the posh area of Arera Colony in Bhopal which now acts as a landmark for the whole region. The entire place is a mosaic of materials with different textures and colors at each corner which gives you a unique experience and hence each time you pay a visit, you grab a different corner and never get bored. The material loudly speaks of how crazy and funky this place is with the use of pine wood cubes and mirrors hanging from the ceiling in an organic form which gives you a feel of an uneven volume which in reality is just a box. The combination of the metric lights making its way to come out from the organic form of the ceiling makes it a lot more than just a roof at your head and acts as an art piece to be admired at whenever you raise your head, while dancing or sitting at a cozy corner with a drink in you hand. The mirrors reflect the beautiful lights that also change with the sound of music and makes you feel as if the entire space is dancing along with you. The plantations hanging along the side of the dense ceiling also gives you a sense of sitting under a dense forest with all the bright colors around you. When talking of colors the space is lit with blue and red lights which breaks the monotony of the space and makes it more dramatic. The bright furniture also stands in contrast with the overall interior and could easily catch your eyes. The ambiance is very cheerful which takes you into a different realm of joy and happiness.

Coming to the roof top which is an element of surprise when you go through a narrow stair which opens to the beautiful open space. The cool fresh breeze which flows in the open area makes the plantations dance and makes the place livelier. The exposed brick wall with arches adds to the rawness of the interiors and acts as a beautiful backdrop for pictures. The roof top ceiling has fiber optical lights which would give you an unforgettable experience of sitting under the sky in a starry night even after sitting under a roof.

The whole space is a unique blend of contemporary and traditional elements with the use of some eye catchy bright colors with mirrors all around to look upon to. Each element being detailed with a very unique approach makes a place a must visit


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