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Ratapani Jungle Lodge, popularly known as RJL

Principal Architect : Mayooree Saxena

The property is greatly known for its landscaping & connectivity to surrounding worth seeing areas; encouraging adventure & eco-tourism. The Project Site is located amidst of Kolar Reservoir and Ratapani Jungles and is a hub to explore local forests, caves, temples, water bodies, animals, birds, and food.

The resort includes Luxury Cottage, 06 Executive Suites, 3 Deluxe Rooms & 06 AC Tents, Restaurant, Entertainment Hall, Swimming Pool which incorporate sustainably sourced native hardwoods and custom-made furniture. The facilities are designed as a series of levels with strategically placed feature trees and stepped terraces leading to the breathtaking view of a large river dam with hills beyond. One of the terraces includes a deck that is intended for the congregation.

Each block has been carefully sited to avoid damaging protected trees, minimize grading requirements, and allow the natural land to remain as untouched as possible. Only local materials are utilized for the construction and landscape features. Natural daylighting is provided for the majority of indoor spaces to avoid the need for artificial light. High ceilings and natural ventilation take advantage of the cooling breezes and minimize the need for air-conditioning. No soil was taken out of the site or brought into the site while constructing, making the construction both economical and sustainable.

The design philosophy of this design is to touch the land lightly, both structurally and visually at the same time. The architecture embraces while the interior engages the nature around.

Category: Hospitality

Built -Up:15,370 sq.ft.

Status:Completed - 2020


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