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Designing an office space for an Ahmadabad-based infrastructure company building roads and highways was a journey in creating a culture of collaboration and curiosity with clients. Hence, the design direction was influenced by nuance and subject.

The rectangular space of 40' x 52' was flanked by natural light on 3 sides. and to fit in the requirements of 5 workstations and 17 cubicles and 2 closed cabins without blocking out windows was the challenge. we chose to let the angular form define the spaces, demarcating the senior staff from the junior staff, giving accounts the privacy and Md's the luxury of the view. A large Reception area was created with a comfortable accommodation of 7 people

Name Of Project: Salvaged Pride

Location: Ahmedabad

Name Of the Architectural Firm and Design Team: Vistara Associates, Hyderabad

Built-Up Area:1800 Sq ft

Cost Of Project: 20lakhs

Year Of Completion:2018

Photographer: Yash

Insta: @vistaarassociates @monishweta

Facebook Page: vistaarassociates


Angular cutouts in the cabins of the MD and Chairman and the opening of the sit-out area into a large landscaped section bring in a burst of energy and light.

Working with space constraints to fit in the requirements of storage, keeping in with the need for natural light to energize the space was our biggest challenge.

The angular layout of the workstations, despite the deep beams and existing flooring layout in tile and making the space look large and airy with a burst of energy, was our primary motive.

Salvaged scrap from their yard including rusted metal work plates, screws, spanners, metal pipes, and even gear clutch plates to define metal grills, handles, shelves, joinery, etc has ensured that eco-sustainability is genuinely addressed besides constantly reminding the staff of ‘on site’ work. The art in a film depicting the core business of the firm further emphasizes this sense of pride.

The Gujrati culture of ‘ work is worship’ is alluded to by creating a mock gabion structure with openable shutters for keeping shoes outside the office and having stone walls carved with relevant passages from the Gita in the reception area, whereas the main desk has been clad with salvaged metal plates to reflect the ‘hands-on ethos of the company.

The result was a dynamic space that makes the overall area seem larger and the up cycling of materials that add character.


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