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Principal Designer: Yatin Pandya


Project Status: Completed

“Shantivan” is an experiential sojourn to revere, rejoice and revitalize through the life of late Shri Indravadan Modi. The memorial emanates from the center (Bindu) where he was cremated. The point is intersected by cardinal axes as pathways with imprinted milestones tracing 87 inspiring years of his life. Encircling water Chadar and 87 obelisks create the circumambulatory path to transpose from corporeal to spiritual. Shantivan Memorial is a celebration of life, the manifestation of an idea. It encodes messages and emotes feelings.

It communicates through spatial tools, like the space sequence and its organization, the elements of space making their scale and form, or the symbolism of space articulation. It is also to transcend from traditional ethics of spiritual philosophy and interprets in contemporary expression. And thus it becomes nourishment of the mind-body-soul. It is the easy comprehension of encoded messages and their appropriate compliances in built form.


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