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Ar. Mayooree Saxena , Bhopal, India

Design Team: SAI Consultants

Keeping ecological and cultural sustainability at the core of existing SOL Retreat at Dodi, Indore Bhopal Highway, the firm used inspirations from the simple, established, and honest practices of vernacular architecture to develop 8 luxury cottages; 6 with splash pool and 2 with private garden for Amraai. Choice of Colors and Materials are in coherence with the theme - Extensive use of reused, recycled wood, stone, glass reflects Firm's & Client's responsible attitude towards ecosystem, society, and passion to promote Agro Tourism and local labor.

The very location of the cottages near the mango tree creates a natural focal point used as an open-air restaurant. There are natural fences constructed out of local shrubbery that act as a transition feature between the private cottage and the Eco Park in the rear area. This makes Amraai, a wonderful, welcoming farm stay where one can himself feel nature pursuits.

The Project aims at developing Eco Park to promote eco-tourism and to create a hub for Bee farming, Mushroom farming, Cattle Rearing, Chicken Coops compatible with the environment and socio-cultural & economical characteristics of the local community and provides an opportunity to its visitors to learn.


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