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Nestled in the chimur foot hills near Chandrapur, Maharashtra, was once part of Gondwana empire. The gonds were heavily influenced by mughals and rajputs. The hamlet of tadoba itself is of historical significance where the beauty of the place lies in their culture.

Principal Architect's - G. Jaigopal Rao , Lata Raman Jaigopal

Design Firm- Inspiration, Kochi

Interior Design Collaboration : Vistaar Associates

Built Up Area - 3948.11sqm

Competition- 2018

Interior Design Firm -Vistaar Associates , Hyderabad.

Location - Tadoba , Chandrapur , Maharashtra

Client – Red Earth Wellness And Hospitality.

Photography - Bharat Ramamrutham

Site Area - 55252sq.M

The design idea for the red earth resort reflects on these historical, cultural and architectural significances of the place apart from its natural splendors to form contemporary take on traditional gond culture, rather than going the monotonous tent and wooden cottage route in other forest gateways.

The use of old wood/joinery, the fort inspired doorways and pattern of betamcherla stone further emphasize the historic influences on the area.

the grass thatched roofs, experiments with mud plastered walls and the interplay of color through natural stone were carefully chosen to emulate the local gondi architecture.

the use of local materials and craftsmanship accentuates this idea of combining a traditional experience with a sustainable eco living approach while paying homage to the natural beauty of the sanctuary.


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