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Ar. Akshay Selukar, Bhopal, India

Design Team: Akshay Selukar Architects

The Giant Panda is a complete reinvention of Asian cuisine on a global scale. Leave your preconceived notions and perceptions out of the door, while enjoying a sensory experience at The Giant Panda. Here, eating is an experience unlike any, where we take you on a culinary journey through the landscape of Asia in a manner that has never been done before.

It’s an artist pallet, the use of various Asian subcontinent materials like cane wood lights from Indonesia, the Chinese panda art, bricks cladding on walls in roofing pattern, the geometrical zigzag flooring, reverses plantation, Concrete walls and many more things make it a happy zone for everyone.

As the name says “panda” we have created a wall with panda prints with floral hand paint on wall cladding.

The adjutant wall is dedicated to the legend - Kobe Bryant, 41, and his daughter Gianna, 13,( who were among the nine who died in a helicopter crash in 2020) by wall graffiti of the two.

The ceiling of this restaurant is a prominent element as it contains cane wood hanging lights with hanging creepers merged very well with the air conditioning ducts.

With so vibrant walls, ceiling, and flooring the furniture is kept settle yet comfortable. A separate circular corner sitting is created that serves as a private dining area.

The Giant Panda food is familiar, comforting, and fuss-free. The space is as vibrant as the streets these foods come from, bringing together flavors and history from regions as diverse as Thailand to Japan to Vietnam to China.


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