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Ar Ashish Ranadive and Suruchi Ranadive, Pune India

Design Team: Ashish Ranadive and Suruchi Ranadive

location: Igatpuri

The Pentwyn is a corporate Guesthouse nestled in the salubrious surroundings of Igatpuri. The clients wanted a state of art guesthouse which could boast of all modern amenities. They wanted it to be a juxtaposition of the old and the new. The guesthouse with its sloping roofs, yet chic and modern interiors is a perfect blend. This guesthouse couples up as a getaway for the executives of the multinational corporation and is also used for meetings by the top management.

Ranadive Architects believe in taking a holistic approach to their design solutions. The site conditions, the social and cultural needs of the client along the social context are considered. All these factors were considered while designing the guest house.

The Existing facility was in a dilapidated state and it was decided by the clients to demolish the same. Since space was not a constraint, the building is sited at the further end giving a landscaped foreground to the building.

The entrance porch with its Mangalore tiled sloping roof gives the frontage a local flavor while providing a warm welcoming feel. The glass entrance doors invite the guests in by offering a peek into the interiors. A stone tile-clad wall with cantilevered steps acts as a backdrop to the reception desk. The staircase is a showstopper with its gravity-defying steps which are supported by wire ropes. Metal scriptures placed on the steps subtly welcome the guest. The sound of water falling gently in the waterfall sculpture adds to the sensory experience of the Interiors.

The courtyard with its skylight acts as the spine of the building. The guest rooms are arranged around this courtyard on the ground floor and first floor. The southern façade of the courtyard has a serene statue of Buddha which acts as an instant stress buster. The rooms are self-sufficient, cosy and inviting. They help in relaxing the busy corporate minds. The soothing wallpaper, colour palette, lighting and furniture all add to the overall ambience. All the rooms have either terraces or balconies which help the residents enjoy the panoramic views and be one with nature.

The ground floor has a conference room which is tastefully decorated to hold corporate meetings. The first floor houses a library for some solitary reading time. The library has an attached semi-covered terrace where the residents can have the feel of reading in the midst of nature.

Platinum Rating by IGBC.

Various features were incorporated to ensure the energy efficiency of the building. Passive ventilation features like a courtyard with its double-height skylight and ventilator facilitate stack effect along with improving the daylighting ( DF ) in the building. The south façade which is susceptible to heat gains has been kept devoid of openings, this reduces the vertical solar radiation in the building. Rainwater harvesting, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, use of adaptive and native species are some of the measures used to conserve water. The building boasts of enhanced energy performance with solar panels for onsite generation of renewable energy. Good practices like organic waste management, treatment of greywater, reuse of material and use of recycled material has been employed.

Factors like the Urban heat Island Effect have been mitigated by measures like the use of high SRI tiles and covering more than 70% of the site by the landscape.

The firm has taken into consideration the economics and the time frame given for the execution of the project. While working as a team with the office staff and craftspeople making valuable contributions, honest and appropriate use of materials is practised. The firm’s interest in environmental concerns finds reflection in the sustainable architecture of the guest house earning it Platinum Rating by IGBC.


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