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Transforming a Bare Skeleton: The Architectural Marvel of the Sophisticated Office Space

Sophisticated Elevation: Harmonizing Nature and Architecture in the Industrial Oasis of Pithampur

The project was executed under the leadership of Mr. Manish Kumat. As the architect and Principal Designer, Mr. Kumat showcased his expertise and meticulous attention to detail throughout the design and implementation stages. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field of architecture were instrumental in bringing the client's vision of a sophisticated and clean office space to life.

Mr. Kumat's architectural prowess played a pivotal role in the elevation design. Understanding the significance of the building's south-facing orientation, he strategically incorporated wall offsets to minimize direct sunlight and heat. This thoughtful design approach resulted in a visually appealing facade while ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. By utilizing a raw material palette comprising brick, concrete, and wood, Mr. Kumat created an elegant aesthetic that resonated with the client's requirements.

The inclusion of green courtyards on the first floor demonstrated Mr. Kumat's innovative thinking. By introducing these pockets of greenery and incorporating wooden louvers, he successfully integrated nature into the linear office block. This design choice not only added visual interest but also provided employees with refreshing and inviting spaces within the office environment.

Mr. Kumat's attention to detail extended to the interior design as well. His decision to forego false ceilings in the reception area, opting for an open ceiling concept with exposed steel shades and members, showcased his commitment to highlighting the structural elements of the building. The central panel, finished with veneer and complemented by PVC pipes painted in a vibrant mustard color, added a touch of brightness and aesthetic appeal to the space. The careful placement of LED lights within the PVC pipe arrangement further enhanced the reception area's ambiance.

Under Mr. Manish Kumat's leadership, the project was successfully executed, exceeding the client's expectations. His architectural language, expertise, and dedication to design excellence were instrumental in transforming the client's initial skeleton building into a sophisticated and functional commercial office space.

Name of the project: Raj Ratan

Principal Designer : Mr. Manish Kumat

Project’s location: Pithampur , INDIA

Name of the architectural or Design firm – Manish Kumat Design Cell

Year of completion: 2022






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