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Zillion International, Indore, India

Spacious and luxurious office space with a city view

Located in one of the city's posh areas, this office space is truly a magnificent and carefully thought-out masterpiece in terms of architecture, floor plan, and interior design. The entire office is designed so employees can feel relaxed and comfortable while working. Although the overall carpet area is small, the intelligent placement of the tables, furniture, storage sections, and other elements make the interior spacious and clutter-free.

At the entryway, there is a mini reception area for one person. A waiting lounge with a posh-looking couch and an antique coffee table complete the overall arrangement. The lounge area is guarded with a transparent glass wall where the panes are glazed on either side. So, it offers an exquisite view of the city, especially that of the nighttime when lights glow and make the area look magical and fantastic.

The interior is strategically designed to ensure no hindrance in traffic movement, thanks to the vast space between the reception design and the lounge area. On one side of the reception is a galleria of the firms and their achievements, creating a well-depicted timeline. The best part is the arrangement for natural light to play in the interiors, offering natural illumination and making the place look more prominent.

Conference room for meetings and grouping

The office space also includes a conference room with a large oval wooden table. Thanks to the panel LEDs scattered across the room, it has ambient lighting. The chairs are ergonomic to offer more comfort to the clients and employees. Plus, the beautiful interiors with modern architecture and strategic placement of the components make the conference room look spacious and inviting.

It is directly connected with the reception area over the telephonic network. Therefore, people involved in any discussion or meeting in the conference room can be notified about any visitor directly. This has prevented the need for the visitors to pass through the main hall and the cabins to the conference room.

Staff area, cabins, and the master cabin

The staff area has a capacity of four people. The desk is built strategically to provide enough working space on the desktop. It also has an overhead storage cabin where employees can easily keep their bags and other belongings. Thanks to the ergonomic chairs, employees certainly enjoy working.

The office space also comes with a master cabin. It is the epitome of grandeur and luxury. Two dia columns are placed strategically to make enough space for proper traffic movement. A back runner with a full-height backdrop is also included to create an illusion of a bright and fully illuminated space. The cabins, on the other hand, feature a longitudinal structure with ceiling-to-floor glazed glass walls. It offers an exceptional view of the city lights while allowing natural light to floor the room.

A place designed for comfort and luxury

The entire office space is designed with comfort and luxuriousness in mind. It not only encompasses the statements of spaciousness and freeness, but it also harbours the elements of style and grandeur.

Name of Project: Zillion International, Indore, India

Project’s location: Indore

Principal Architects: Ar. Ayush Khare, Ar.Vrashali Sisodiya

Name of the architectural or Design firm –AKDA

Year of completion: 2022



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